After our major re-structuring in late 2015, we are still struggling hard – 2016 has been and is a very difficult year. We are working and trying even harder to face the challenges. Please allow us for a quick update : We now have our two small factories both BSCI-audited (both received an overall rating C). We are bringing in more concepts into our collection, e.g., schoolbags with EVA bottom or side parts, backpacks with trolley, EVA pencil cases, “design your own” items, (travel or daily) organizers, and more designs/shapes of pencil cases/pouches. Again, we should always run our business based on integrity : to be a decent and countable supplier, despite of our small scale. We strive to cope with the fast-changing business environment and to deliver the best compromise among quality, service and price. Finally, please kindly see our efforts, in our new catalogue as enclosed. Thank you for your attention and we count on your continual supports! We much welcome and treasure your comments and/or questions.

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